An Insurance Policy is not just an insurance policy.

It speaks a story of human ambition and determination despite the risk. We believe that “Doing something costs something and doing nothing costs a lot more.”

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Commitment is at the core of our endeavour.

You can avail our top-notch services with no stress as we cut the clutter with our tailored services designed by in-house industry experts.




Everything starts with a customer.

We know what our customers want the most, and our company provides the best. To us, a customer is not an outsider to our business but part of our business.




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We provide our clients with an out-and-out combination of experience, expertise and creativity to maintain high service standards and ensure eminence.

the need for insurance

Spend less time worrying.

Financial safety net

Financial safety net

Losses are inevitable, but insurance lessens the impact of such losses by providing financial benefits for covered losses.
Save on taxes

Save on taxes

If nothing else, you should purchase insurance simply because you get tax deductions on the premiums you pay.
Fulfil Life Goals

Fulfil Life Goals

Some insurance plans require you to invest small amounts that will grow over time to help you to accomplish your dreams.
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Above all, it gives a sense of security. When you have insurance, you know you've really safeguarded yourself.
Our Partners

Avoid paying out-of-pocket and safeguard your business.

Finding the perfect insurance policy can be daunting and overwhelming. We at PrishaPolicy have made it our mission to help you find a plan that covers all your needs. We have partnered with all major insurance companies to deliver you the best of the best.

Get the services from an award-winning team.

When it comes to taking care of your insurance needs, we strive to provide you with the best services in the industry. With technology, our current drive aims to derive Customer WOW! Our experienced, award-winning team engages systems that enable us to scale from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight.

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Our Services

Get the right product in a simpler way.

At PrishaPolicy, we aim that all our customers should be able to avoid paying out-of-pocket and still get their businesses safeguarded from all risks.

Risk Inspection

Understanding the risks of your business and mitigating them becomes crucial when you are at the helm of a business. PrishaPolicy conducts rigorous risk analysis to help you manage your business better.

Insurance Audits

An audit ensures that any business pays the optimal premium, is adequately covered through different policies, and that all clauses in the policy document are present for their portfolio.

Claims Settlement Services

We understand that insurance is bought for the coverage of any losses in the event of an unforeseen event, but sometimes getting the claim for your insurance can be a tedious task.

Designing Insurance Programs

Our wide range of experience and in-depth industry expertise allow us to craft customized programs for your business and meet your specific needs.


Built from the ground up over the years.

Insurance should be more about taking a precaution. So we've designed our services to safeguard and create wealth.