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Engineering Insurance—what is it?

Engineering insurance refers to the insurance that provides economic safeguard to the risks faced by the ongoing construction project, installation project, and machines and equipment in project operation.

Since this industry is about creating and designing, construction and building, there are increased chances of related accidents and perils. Thus, Engineering Insurance policy caters to different forms of uncertainties that are associated with on-site construction including plant and machinery usage.

engineering insurance

The Necessity of Engineering Insurance

Civil engineering is innovation in action, and it is what establishes and guides a nation on the path of advancement. However, such massive building projects come with a real risk of losing or damaging the equipment and raw materials, or even delaying or harming the actual constructions. To secure everything, engineering insurance is used in this situation.

EAR Insurance

Erection All Risk Insurance is a complete engineering insurance that provides coverage for all parties involved in erection work, encompassing operations

CAR Insurance

The Contractors Plant and Machinery Policy is a type of machinery insurance that covers movable plant equipment and machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, excavators, and so on.

ALOP Insurance

For greater financial losses or expenditures incurred as a result of delays in a construction or infrastructure project, the Advanced Loss of Profit Insurance Policy is offered.

CPM Insurance

The Contractors Plant and Machinery Policy is form of machinery insurance which covers movable plant equipment and machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, excavators, etc.

BPM Insurance

The Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance pays for the upkeep or replacement of the machinery; extended boiler insurance may additionally pay for damage to third parties' property or bodily harm brought.

EEI Insurance

A very beneficial insurance for engineers, this type of insurance provides an all risk Insurance cover in case of breakdowns or damages to electronic devices used in a business.

MBD Insurance

The machinery breakdown insurance covers any physical damage to the machinery resulting from any accidents or unanticipated causes.

How to choose your plan?

Understand the scope
of coverages

There are a lot of engineering products and can be difficult to understand the coverages of the different insurance products at once. Understanding your own requirements becomes the most important step in this case.

Getting insurance for
the correct equipment

Often Engineering products are defined but the type of equipment that are covered in that policy. For example Machinery Breakdown Insurance and Electronic Equipment Insurance have a huge overlap with respect to the machines covered but there a big that is exclusive to either.

Reinstatement vs Depreciation

Even after choosing the correct engineering insurance for your needs. An important clause can make a lot of difference for you and your company when making a claim. A reinstatement condition will cost you more at the time of premium but maybe much more beneficial, if you require the same machinery.

Why Choose PrishaPolicy

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Customer-Centric Culture

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Reliable and Consistent

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Guided Policy Assistance

Our experts are forever ready to assist you through each policy detail with a fine-tooth comb.

Claims Assistance

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Still Thinking About It?

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Questions You Might Have

Should all the losses that are under the deductible be reported?

If the loss is below the deductible, it is not recommended to report it to the insurance provider. If one is not sure about the final amount of loss or deductible amount, it is recommended to contact the insurer.

What is the duration of Contractors All Risk Insurance policy?

Unlike other insurance policies, the Contractors All Risk Insurance plan is issued for the period of the contract that is from the starting of work until the work completes. Even though it is possible to extend the period of the policy if the completion of the contract gets delayed, but it is always wise to choose a slightly longer insurance period initially for avoiding paying a higher premium in case of extension.

For what value of machine the insurance should be purchased?

It is a requirement of this insurance that the sum insured be equal to the cost of replacement of the machines by new machines of the same kind and same capacity, which shall mean its replacement, or reinstatement cost, including freight, custom duties, if any, and erection costs.

Can we cover loss due to design defects in the engineering policy?

Yes, you can cover the costs of project damages caused by design flaws. Damage due to design is an exclusion in a normal policy, but by paying an additional premium, you can cover the design flaw in the policy. There are other forms of design defect cover, such as design defect-3 and design defect-4, that can be added to the policy as an add-on for an additional premium. We advise all of our clients to include this coverage in their erection all risk insurance.