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Absolute Ownership

An explicit right of ownership and possession which is free from any restriction

Absolute Liability

A legal responsibility towards damages that are final and binding and the cause


An event where an insurer accepts an application and issues a policy that will s


An addition to a motor vehicle that does not change its performance or structure

Accident And Health Insurance

A policy that insures the policyholder and his/her dependent against injury, ill

Accident And Sickness Insurance

A policy that insures against personal accident and sickness, that include a com

Accident Severity

Sums up the financial worth of the loss incurred in an accident and is used to i

Accident, Hit And Run

An accident leading to injury or death, caused by collision with an unidentified

Accidental Bodily Injury

Injury caused to the body due to an accident

Accidental Death Benefit

If the death of the Insured is caused by an accident, in addition to the insured

Accumulated Stocks Clause

Pertains to the use of the accumulated finished goods stock at a time when the a

Accumulation Period

The duration for which premium payments are made by the annuitant under life ins

Accumulation Units

Refer to units accumulated in a trust by reinvestment of funds or dividends into

Acquisition Cost Factor

Cost incurred by the Insurer for acquisition of business, considered by the Rein

Acquisition Costs

Costs incurred in setting up a new business - Product launch and publicity expen

Act In Force Clause

A clause in relation to statutory liability that accounts for changes in the law

Act Liability With Fire &/Or Theft

A provision that covers a motor vehicle against the Insured's liability along wi

Act Of God Perils

Unforeseen events like earthquakes, floods, storms etc. caused by nature which c

Act Only Policy

Indemnity for the Insured for all motor vehicles as per the limits prescribed in

Actual Total Loss

A loss whereby the property or goods are missing or damaged and cannot be recove

Actuarial Science

The science of risk evaluation, determination of premiums adequate to meet the r


A qualified statistician and mathematician who carries out research in order to


Purchase of additional benefits or cover on the existing policy.

Additional Insured

An entity (person or company) not originally included under the insurance policy

Adjustable Life Insurance

An life insurance policy whereby the policyholder has the right to change any of

Advance Funding

It refers to an upfront payment against a contractual payment due in the future.

Adverse Selection

An adverse situation created in an exposure group when people who believe that t

Age Limit

The qualifying age for an insurance policy.


A state-licensed, representative, appointed by the insurance company to solicit,

Aggregate Deductible

The total amount that the Insured can attribute as deductibles over a period of

All Risk

An insurance policy that covers every possible claim that has not been specifica

All-Risks Policy

Coverage provided by an insurance policy for all losses except those specificall


A change to an existing rule or protocol, provided in writing.


This occurs when a debt is paid off in regular portions,over a period of time, b

Annual Statement

An annual report, mandated by the state insurance commissioner, containing the i


Person who receives an income for life or for a period specified in an annuity c


Flow of payments made periodically over time.

Annuity Certain

Guaranteed number or amount of payments received under an annuity.

Annuity Consideration

Money paid by a person to an insurance company in return for an instrument that


An instance where an Insurer would not wish to insure a person whose genetic con


A form filled out by the applicant for the purpose of receiving insurance from t


The evaluation of a claim by a person authorized by the company and the policyho


A process of resolving disputes with the aid of an unbiased person or committee


The burning down of property with a criminal intent.

Assessment Association

An Insurer that retains the right to charge an additional premium to the policyh

Assessment Mutual

An Insurer that retains the right to charge an additional premium to the policyh


Also known as the Surveyor, this person determines the estimated value of the go


An item of property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and a


Transfer of a person's interest in an insurance policy to another person in the


Risk accepted by a Reinsurer.


Entity indemnified against loss through insurance.

Automatic Reinstatement Clause

An automatic renewal clause included in a property insurance policy whereby on p

Automatic Reinsurance

An arrangement whereby the Reinsurer agrees to take on the risk for a certain ca

Automobile Fleet

Multiple motor vehicles owned by the same person or company, covered by a single

Automobile Liability Insurance

Coverage in the event that you are held legally responsible for injury to anothe

Aviation Insurance

Includes a master policy that covers employees in a company against the dangers


The favourable outcome of an investigation of the facts and evidence by the Insu

Back Office

It is the controlling office that has no direct business but controls and monito


This refers to proposals that remain unattended, un-responded references or enqu

Baggage Insurance

This insurance coverage is available to the insured or his or her family and pro

Bank Charges

Banks levy certain types of charges for operating the banking accounts, such as

Bank Guarantee

In insurance industry, bank guarantee refers to the guarantees executed by banks

Bank Reconciliation Statement

The balance according to the bank account in the company’s book must be equal

Bank Transfers

A bank transfer entry needs to be recorded when the insurance company transfers

Bankers Indemnity Policy

This is a specialized policy available for banks and to protects against destruc

Base Premium

This is the amount of premium charged by the direct insurers.

Basic Commission

This is the commission on a reinsurance proportional treaty. This is always appl

Basic Premium

This is the gross amount charged by the insurance company to the policyholder fo

Basic Rate

This represents the rate of premium shown in the Rate Guide or the Insurance Com


Person(s) or entity/entities named in the insurance policy as the recipient of t

Benefit Of Insurance Clause

A term in the policy document under which the bailee of goods claims benefits th

Benefit Period

Time period (generally between 1 and 3 years) during which any major medical ben


This is the amount that the insurance company will have to pay claimants, assign

Blanket Insurance

A health insurance contract covering all classes of people not identifiable indi

Bodily Injury Liability

Liability arising from bodily injury or death of another person.

Boiler & Machinery Insurance

Covers loss arising from the operations of pressure, electrical, and mechanical

Boilers & Machinery Policy

Protection against any loss arising due to accidents related to the pressure ves

Book Of Business

It is the size, number, and type of accounts owned by a particular agent.

Book Value

The purchasing cost after deducting depreciation

Branch Office System

The life insurance marketing system where multiple offices are established in di

Breach Of Condition

Violation of any terms or conditions that have been agreed upon in the insurance

Break In Service

Any calendar year, plan year, or 12 consecutive month period in which a particip


Marketing expert representing property buyers and liability insurance dealing wi

Builder'S Risk Coverage Form

Commercial property coverage form specially created for buildings under construc

Builder'S Risk Insurance

Insurance protection against any losses to the buildings or structures that are

Bulk Cargo

Cargo that is not packaged and is directly loaded in the vessels' holds.

Bulk Carrier

Consignor of bulk cargo tendering the cargo for transporting to the consignee.


Unauthorized or unforeseen entries to or exists from the premises covered under

Burglary And Theft Insurance

Insurance cover provided for property losses arising from robbery, burglary, or

Business Insurance

Insurance policy providing different benefits to businesses and is issued for in

Business Interruption Insurance

Losses arising due to temporary halting and shutdown of business due to fire or

Business Life Insurance

Life insurance availed by a business on the life of any member of the company. O

Buy-Sell Agreement

Agreement between business owners for purchasing the shares of deceased or disab

Causes Of Loss

The various perils that are insured within the insurance plan


Person seeking reimbursement for any loss covered under the terms and conditions

Classification Clause (Cargo)

Clause within cargo insurance open coverage that provides details of minimum cla


Section or para within the insurance policy explaining, clarifying, or defining


The component (either percentage or fixed amount) of medical bill paid by the pa

Collision Coverage

Protection against physical damage for the policyholders' owned vehicles resulti

Commercial General Liability (Cgl) Coverage Part

General liability cover written as monoline policy or component of commercial pa

Comprehensive Coverage

Physical damage cover for losses resulting due to fire, falling objects, vandali

Comprehensive General Liability Policy

Policy covering different kinds of general liabilities, operations and premises,

Comprehensive Personal Liability Policy (Cpl)

Personal liability contract providing personal liability cover for insured and f

Constructive Total Loss

Partial loss resulting from sufficient degree for making the cost of repair much

Contract Carrier

Transportation company carrying goods for only certain clients and not general p


More than one party provides risk cover; each insurer is responsible for protect

Contributory Value

Value on the basis of which contribution towards general loss or salvage compens

Cost Of Pure Risk

Costs related to pure risks, such as those from shareholders perspective, insura

Cost Of Risk

Decrease in the value of business arising due to risks


Insurance contract; effective insurance, inclusions within the coverage under in


Scope of available protection under the insurance contract; any of the several r


Any individual covered under pension plan fulfilling the eligibility needs withi

Covered Expenses

Medical, hospital, and other related expenses incurred by the insured person ent

Covered Participant

Individual covered under pension plan and has satisfied the eligibility norms of


Robbery by group of people; the Standard Burglary Insurance Policy offered to bu

Damage To Property Of Others

Damages covered to a predetermined amount per occurrence on behalf of the insure


Monetary compensation provided at law for any civil wrongdoing or breach of a co

Dangerous Or Hazardous Goods

Liquids, solids, or gases that can be harmful to the environment, human beings,

Date Of Issue

Date of issue of the insurance plan; provides evidence of coverage being offered


District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum; complaints against insurance compani

Dead Weight

Maximum weight in tons available for cargo, crew, water, fuel, and other stores


An authorized agent of manufacturers responsible for sales of manufactured vehic


End of life due to accident; to claim compensation under these circumstances cov

Death Benefit

Payment made to nominee or legal heir of the insured within the Personal Acciden

Death Claim

Any claim lodged within the insurance policy by the beneficiary on the death of


Statements within the insurance contract providing information related to the li


Various statements within the insurance plan providing information about the lif


Proportion of loss borne by the insured towards any claim; two forms; amount of

Deferred Compensation

Arrangements through which compensation for employees for current and past servi

Defined Benefit Plan

Pension policy stating either benefits receivable by the employees on retirement

Dental Insurance

Group or individual plan helping the payment of normal dental service costs as w

Deposit Premium

Deposited premium paid by the potential holder at the time of application to ava


Allowance for reduction in value of property due to deterioration, damage, wear

Direct Loss

Financial losses resulting from directly insured risks


Any condition curtailing to an extent an individual's capability to carry on her

Disability Benefit

Periodic payments (often monthly) paid to the participants under certain retirem

Disability Income Insurance

Any form of health insurance providing periodic payments for replacing the incom

Disability Insurance

Kind of health plan paying monthly income to the insured person when s/he is una

Disability Insured

Status of any individual insured for receiving disability benefits under Old Age


Duty of the insured individual and his/her broker to provide the underwriter det


Return of partial premium within participating insurance reflecting difference b

Domiciliary Hospitalization

Treatment of patient who has been sent home because of lack of accommodation at

E & O.E.

Errors and omissions that are excepted

Early Retirement

Retirement of the participant at a date earlier than the regular retirement date

Earned Income

Employment income earned as salary, wages, fees, or commissions

Earned Premium

earned premium refers to the premium collected by an insurance company for the p

Earned Premium - Reinsurance

Premium ceded and included during the year in question along with the reserve fo

Earthquake Fire And Shock

Extension of the policy coverage to the standard fire and special perils plan by

Earthquake Zone

Differentiating between areas that are prone to earthquakes and those locations

Economic Life

The remaining duration when the property or equipment yields higher returns than

Economic Loss

Estimated loss (insured as well as uninsured) incurred by a person, family, or b

Economic Policy

Special kind of participating whole life plan under which the dividends are used

Economically Vulnerable Or Backward Classes

According to the IRDA guidelines, people who live below the poverty line

Effective Date

Actual date on which insurance coverage comes into force

Efficient Level Of Risk

Amount of risk balance after business or individual pursues activities like inte

Electronic Equipment Insurance

A policy providing coverage from sudden unforeseen material damages to electroni

Elements Of A Negligent Act

The 4 elements injured persons need to show as evidence; existence of legal duty

Eligibility Date

Date on which individual member within a specified group is eligible for applyin

Eligibility Period

Specified length of time (often 31 days) following the eligibility date during w

Eligibility Requirements

Conditions that the employee must satisfy for participating in the retirement pl

Eligible Employees

Members within the group meeting the eligibility requirements under the group he


Government prohition (either due to economic or political reasons) towards shipm


Fraudulent misappropriation or usage of another individual's property or money t


Memorandum issued towards effecting additions, deletions, or alterations in the


Additional paper (not part of the original insurance contract) that cites certai


Life insurance that is payable to the policyholder/s if alive on the maturity da

Erection All Risk (Ear)

A plan for covering projects that are under construction; provides coverage to a

Errors And Omissions Insurance

Liability insurance plan providing protection against any losses incurred by cli


All the assets and liabilities of a deceased individual


Specific circumstances or conditions listed within the policy document for which


First Information Report lodged with the police authorities in case of theft, ex


Related to imports and exports contractual sale agreement; the seller has the re

F.O.B. Insurance

Insurance coverage procured by the seller to protect his or her interest on good

Face Amount

Amount stated on the face of the insurance policy payable in the event of death

Failure Of Consideration

Occurs in the event the risk for which insurer has accepted premium fails to att

Fair Market Value

The price at which any service or asset passes from willing seller to willing bu

Fall Or Displacement Of Building Clause

Provision within the standard fire and special perils policy stating all covers

Family Coverage

Property and/or personal insurance where any addition to the insured, her or his

Family Policy

Life insurance policy offering cover to all or several members of the family und

Faulty Design

Terminology related to builders risk insurance; relevant clause when attached to

Feasibility Study

Studies undertaken to determine workability of proposed project due to various f

Fidelity Exclusion

Provision for burglary and money insurance plans that exclude losses resulting f

Fidelity Guarantee Policy

Insurance plan that reimburses employers from losses resulting due to dishonest

Financial Risks

Risks associated solely with finance received or extended; in various forms by a

Financial Underwriting

Method to evaluate results of reinsurance treaty whereby factors like loss or ga

Finished Goods

Goods or products that are completely manufactured, built, assembled and ready f


Combustion accompanied by glow or flame escaping the normal confines to cause da

Fire & Theft Risks

Related to motor insurance it refers to restricted coverage provided to a vehicl

Fire And Allied Perils

Term that conventionally is used for denoting additional perils with fire; light

Fire Brigade

Group of special professionals trained in extinguishing fires

Fire Engine

Motor truck equipped with pipes and water tank to spray chemicals and water on f

Fire Extinguisher

Instrument using non-combustible substances such as carbon dioxide for putting o

Fire Hazards

Chemical or physical properties of any matter in whatever state that makes it su

Fire Insurance

Insurance contract indemnifying insured for losses caused due to destruction of

First Named Insured

First named insured on the commercial plans; latest forms allow the insurer to s

First Party Claim

Claims made by the policy holder to her/his own insurance service provider; cont

Floater Policy

Policy under terms of which protection follows moveable properties, covering whe


Provision within freight insurance conditions exempting insurer from particular


Goods moved on behalf of another; remuneration earned by vessel owner or manager

Gainful Employment

Related to permanent total disability under personal accident insurance policy;

General Exclusion Clause

Clause in the Institute Cargo Clauses 1982 that specifies the excluded risks irr

Good Faith

Basic insurance principle, assured and her/his broker must disclose and truly re


Merchandise excluding personal effects and/or provisions and stores that are use

Goods Carriage

Motor vehicle constructed or adapted for the sole use of carrying goods; any oth

Goods In Trust Or On Commission

Person holding property of another in trust or commission possesses deemed insur

Grace Period

Specified period after the premium due date during which the insured can pay the

Grievous Injury

Injury endangering life of an individual or causing the sufferer severe bodily a

Gross Domestic Product

Measurement of value of all the goods and services produced and delivered during

Gross Negligence

Reckless action without paying any heed to the possible consequences

Gross Net Premium Income

Companies that protect the net account through XL coverage, the premium in the a

Gross Premium

Premium paid by the policyholders

Gross Profit

Sum insured related to consequent loss policy based on the gross profit; represe

Gross Vehicle Weight

Total weight of the vehicle and load registered and certified by the Registering


Includes all periods during which the aircraft is not flying, moored, or taxying

Group Annuity

Pension plan offering annuities on retirement to group of people under a master

Group Discount

Discount on the premium as per the prospectus or manual rates depending on the n

Group Insurance

Insurance cover for group of individuals who are engaged in common activity; emp

Group Life Insurance

Life insurance cover without medical examination on group of individuals under a

Group Mediclaim Insurance

Medical cover issued in favor of an enterprise or organization or employer for c

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident cover issued in favor of an enterprise or organization or empl

Group Term Life Insurance

Commonest form of group life insurance; annual renewable term insurance for empl

Growth Rate

Percentage change in the quantum of business compared to the base year; growth r

Hand Appliances

Any portable fire extinguisher device comprising chemicals to put out fires. Han


Condition/s that create or enhance the risks of losses due to any perils

Hazardous Goods

Goods (either solids, liquids, or gases) susceptible to the risk of fire in diff

Hazardous Risks (Fidelity Guarantee Insurance)

Risks not considered as good for insurance because high hazards associated there

Hazardous Sports

Related to personal accident plans, sport activities that have higher risks like

Hazardous Substance

Related to Public Liability Insurance Act 1991 meaning list of chemicals with ca

Health Insurance

Protection from financial losses due to accidental bodily injury or illness; var

Health Insurance Business Or Health Cover

Contractual effecting providing sickness benefits or surgical, hospital expense

Heavy Industry

Traditional production companies in the steel, petroleum, automobile, rubber, an


Importers or exporters strategy related to future sales or purchases; for overco

Hit And Run Motor Accident

Accident that arises from the use of motor vehicle/s where the identity is not c


Robbery involving violence or threat of violence; risk that is covered under the

Hospital Expense Insurance

Health insurance cover offering protection against hospital care cost resulting

Hospital Medical Insurance

Protection offering benefits for the cost of all or some of the several healthca

Hospital Miscellaneous Services

Services excluding room, board, and general nursing services offered by hospital


Admission of the patient in nursing home or hospital for treating injury, diseas

Hospitalisation Insurance

Insurance cover for individuals offering reimbursement of the expenditure incurr


Individuals commit house breaking when they trespass and their entries affect th

Householders Comprehensive Insurance

Insurance package designed for homeowners with broad range of liability and prop

Hull Insurance

Insurance on the vessel, and its equipment and machinery

Human Life Value

Present value of the family's share of the deceased earner's future earning pote


Tropical storms marked by very low barometric pressure and circular winds at vel

Hurricane Insurance

Component of the perils named 'storm, inundation, cyclone, flood, typhoon, torna

Jewellers Block Policy

Insurance plans for jewellers needs; cover is available for stock-in-trade at th

Joint Life Policy

Pays the insurance amount when the first of two or more insured individuals pass


Court determinations for completed jurisdiction on various submitted matters

Key Person Health Insurance

Individual or group policy designed for protecting company against loss of incom

Key-Person Insurance

Insurance cover designed for offering coverage to protect business firms against

Kidnap-Ransom Insurance

Insurance cover available for providing payment within the specified time period

Kutcha Construction

Buildings with walls and/or wooden planks, grass, bamboo, hay, plastic cloth, th

Lapsed Policy

Insurance cover that has closed earlier to the actual expiration date because of

Lead Insurer

The insurer out of the insuring party having agreed to underwrite the highest sh


Contract where the owner of any fixed assets allows its use to the contracting p

Legal Liability

Liability that is enforceable under existing laws or acts

Lessee (Leasee)

Party in whose favor lease is granted


Party that grants the lease to the leasee

Liability Insurance

Insurance cover for protecting policy holder from financial losses due to any li


Legal authority provided to the companies, brokers, agents, or consultants for t

License Fee

Amount paid by insurers or other companies or individuals as determined by the r


Legal right of an individual on the property of another until the latter has sat

Life Annuity

Series of payments when commence are continued for the entire life duration of t

Life Annuity With 10 Years Certain

Annuity paying income to annuitant for as long as s/he survives; but if demise o

Life Expectancy

Average number of years of living remaining for group of persons of any given ag

Life Insurance

Insurance cover providing payments for specified amount on the demise of the ins

Life Policy For 2 Wheelers

Insurance coverage for 2 wheelers covering 3rd party risks and being valid until

Lift (3Rd Party Liability) Insurance

Insurance plan for owners of passenger lifts for taking liabilities arising from

Light Motor Vehicle (Lmv)

Transport vehicle or omnibus whose gross vehicle weight of either tractor, motor


Flash of light in the sky caused due to atmospheric electricity discharge from o

Limited Payment Life Insurance

Whole life insurance coverage where premiums are payable for specified number of

Limited Policy

Contract covering only certain kinds of accidents or diseases


Dissolving a firm through sale of assets for cash

Listed Companies

Companies whose shares are listed on stock exchanges for trading; respective sto


Amount that needs to be added to pure premium for profit, expenses, and continge

Machinery Breakdown Insurance (Machinery Insurance)

Insurance cover for plant and machinery providing protection against all types o

Mailing List

Compilation of probable clients prepared as a list that can be used for solicita

Major Medical Expense Insurance

Form of health insurance policy providing benefits for most kinds of medical exp

Malicious Damage

Deliberate damage or destruction of insured property or any part of it by wrongf


Improper conduct of professionals during performance of his or her duties either

Malpractice Insurance

Cover for professionals like lawyers or doctors against liability claims resulti

Manuscript Policy

Plan developed for meeting the specific requirements and needs of the company

Marine 50/50 Clause

A clause in project insurance plans where marine is not insured by the same comp

Marine Adventure

Voyage or time period when the cargo is exposed to the various maritime risks

Marine Cargo Insurance Policy

Insurance related to merchandise and/or goods in transit from one location to an

Marine Clause

Clause appearing as one of the general conditions within the standard fire and s

Marine Hull Insurance

Insurance offered to ocean going steamers and other ships; hull insurance offers

Marine Insurance

Related to insurance of goods in transit from one destination to another by sea,

Maritime Fraud

Occurs when one or more of several parties in any transaction connected with mar

Market Price (Or Market Value)

Rate at which security can be sold or brought at any particular period in time

Market Value

Value determined for similar property that could be sold or purchased in the loc


Procedure for optimizing use of various resources of an enterprise by trying to

Master Policy (Or Master Contract)

Policy issued to group holders settling the provisions of the group insurance co

Material Damage

Physical damage to tangible property, such as stocks, building, automobiles, fur

Material Fact

Fact/s that will influence the judgment of any prudent insurance company in dete

Material Mis-Representation

Misrepresentation of certain facts that will influence the judgment of the insur

Material Representation

Representation to the insurance company that would affect the acceptance of risk

Medical Examination

Examination given by qualified physicians for determining insurability of applic

Medical Expense Insurance

Form of health insurance plan providing benefits for expenditures incurred for m

Medical Malpractice

Inaccurate treatment or care by medical professional, hospital, or other healthc

Medical Payments Insurance

Cover available in different liability insurance plans where the insurance provi


Program of hospital insurance (part A) and supplementary medical insurance (part


Incorrect statement made about material fact/s if made deliberately with an inte

Mode Of Premium Payment

Frequency of payment of premiums, can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or ann

Moral Hazard

Hazard resulting from any non-physical personal feature of a risk that increases

Mortality Table

Table showing number of members in a group commencing at certain age will be ali

Mortgage Insurance

Life insurance plan paying balance of the mortgage amount in case of death of th

Motor Truck Cargo - Owner'S Form

Form of insurance insuring truck owner/s against loss to his personal property o

Motor Truck Cargo - Trucker'S Form

This kind indemnifies the policyholder/s (trucker) for damage or loss resulting

Mysterious Disappearance

Disappearance of insured property in an unexplained and mysterious manner

Named Perils Policy

Policy where the perils against which cover is granted is listed; insurer is lia

National Wealth

Sum total of the value of the entire capital and goods available in a country

Nationality Of Vessel

Nationality of vessel is critical to the insurance company especially when the s

Natural Losses

Damages or loss caused due to natural vagaries like hurricane, storm, earthquake

Navigational Limits

Limits prescribed by the Port Authorities and Director General of Shipping with


National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission; complaints can be filed with NC


Failure of using reasonable care adopted by prudent individuals under similar co

Negotiated Settlement

Claim settlement reached after compromising in cases where dispute with relation

Neon Sign Insurance

Insurance cover for damages or loss to neon sign installations by any external a

Net Loss

Residual loss to the insured after considering realization from salvage and/or r

Net Premium

Portion of the premium that is designed to provide coverage for benefits or loss

Net Retained Line Clause

Clause that is applicable to excess of loss reinsurance coverage that refers to

Net Retained Lines

Related to excess of loss reinsurance treaties is provision that the contract is

Net Retention

Capacity that insurance companies put forth for retaining risks to its own accou

Net Tonnage

Cargo and/or passenger accommodation expressed in terms of cubic measurements de

New Attachments

Acquisition of new vessels to existing fleet; rate of premium of these new asset

New Business Clause

Special clause included to specification in loss of profit insurance plan; when

No Claim Bonus

Reduction as a percent in the manual or prospectus premium while renewing the po

No Cure, No Pay

Terminology used with relation to salvage operations of cargo or vessel in distr

No Fault Liability

Claimant does not require proving that injury, death, or damage has occurred due


Institution, firm, or individual mentioned in accident insurance plans to be the

Non Fare Paying Passengers

Provision within motor insurance commercial vehicles plans for covering in respe

Non Hazardous

Physical or chemical properties of matter in whichever state that presents no un

Nonassignable Policy

Insurance plan that cannot be assigned by an insured to any other person; normal

Non-Concurrent Policies

Two or more insurance plans that cover portion of the property covered by other

Named Perils

Coverage within property insurance providing protection against loss from perils

National Association Of Insurance Commissioners (Naic)

Association of insurance commissioners in different states for promoting nationa


Contract that insured has to continue through timely premium payments as set for

Nonconfining Sickness

Illness that disables the covered individual but does not confine her or him to


Term applicable to employee benefit plans whereby the employers bears full cost

Nondisabling Injury

Injury that may need medical care but does not result in loss of income due to l

Nondisabling Injury Benefit

Benefit within certain disability income plans offering payment of medical expen

Nonforfeiture Option

One of the options available in case the holder discontinues paying the premium

Nonmedical Limit

Maximum face value of insurance plan that a firm will issue without having the a

Nonoccupational Policy

Contract that insures an individual against off-the-job illness or accident; doe

Nonparticipating Policy

Life insurance plan where the organization does not distribute any portion of it

Notice Of Loss

Written notice of losses incurred by insurance companies as stipulated in the co


Procedure whereby the property becomes unusable not due to physical deterioratio

Occupancy And Fire Rates

Direct relation between use of premises that it is put to and the possibility of

Occupational Disease

Disease contracted due to exposure to certain harmful conditions on the job; cov

Occupational Hazards

Occupations that expose the insured to physical damage that is larger than norma


Event resulting in bodily injury or property damage to any third party; for liab

Occurrence Basis Policy

Liability insurance plan covering claims that arise due to any event/s during th

Occurrence Limit

Maximum liability of the insurance company of all claims that are related to the

Off Duty Covers

Personal accident insurance coverage for individuals during restricted hours whe

Open Cover

Agreement where the assured undertakes to declare each item that is within the s

Operating Ratio

Sum of expenditures and losses expressed as certain percentage of the earned pre

Ordinary Life

Same as straight or whole life; terms are applicable to policies that continue d


Any person in whose favor an obligation runs; term is often used in surety bonds


Also known as principal, an individual bound by obligation; under bond strictly


Type and character of the usage of the property in discussion


Additional chargeable premium on cargo open cover declaration due to the carryin

Quarantine Restrictions

According to carriage of goods by sea act, carrier does not have the responsibil

Quarrels And Arbitration

Arbitration clause provides the mechanism that must be followed for settlement o

Quid Pro Quo

Insurance company selling policy to some person for consideration of premium pai

Quota Share Cum Surplus Treaty

Proportional treaty arrangement mechanism combining quota share and surplus trea

Quota Share Pools

Market pools arranged on the quota share principle where the participating compa

Quota Share Treaty

An agreement where the ceding company is bound to cede and the reinsurance compa

Qualification Period

Period during when the insured should totally be disabled prior to being eligibl

Qualified Impairment Insurance

Kind of substandard or special class insurance that restricts benefits for insur

Qualified Plan

Plan that the IRS approves as meeting the requirements of Section 401 (a) of the

Ratable Proportion Of Loss

Treating claim for loss that is insured under more than single policy; in such i

Rate Guide

Company prospectus or manual providing rates of premium for different kinds of i

Rate Of Premium

Pricing factor on which payable premium for particular kind of insurance cover i

Rate Per Mille

Premium rate calculated for every thousand rupees of sum assured

Repatriation Benefits (Under Overseas Mediclaim)

Coverage for medical necessity for evacuating to medical facility, medically equ

Risk Management

Procedure to identify, analyze, and either accept or mitigate uncertainty

Rated Policy

Also known as extra risk policy is a plan issued at higher than the standard rat


Resumption of the cover under an insurance policy that has lapsed

Replacement Cost

Cost for repairing or replacing property at construction costs prevailing when l

Rating Territory

Geographical grouping where hazards tend to equalize and permit the establishmen


Providing valuable consideration often all or some part of the commission to the

Recurring Claim Provision

Provision within health insurance plan that specifies the period of time during


Restoration of fully disabled individual to meaningful occupation; provision in


Payment of expense actually incurred as a result of an illness or accident but n


Assuming all or part of the risk undertaken by one insurance company by another

Renewable Term Insurance

Term insurance that is renewable at the end of the term at the option of the hol


Continuance of the cover under an insurance policy beyond the original term thro


Substitution of health insurance cover from one policy contract to another

Replacement Ratio

Percent of income prior to retirement that is needed for replacing for maintenan


Statements made by applicants whereby they represent as being substantially true


Termination of insurance contract by insurance provider on the basis of material


Amount representing liabilities kept by an insurer for providing further commitm

Residual Disability

Period of partial disability that immediately following a period of complete dis

Residual Disability Benefits

Provision in insurance plan providing benefits in proportion to the decrease of


Amount of risk that is retained by the insurance company for its own account or

Retrospective Date

First date for which the claims are paid under claims-made policy of liability i

Retrospective Rating

Rating procedure that allows adjusting the insured's final rate depending on the

Revocable Trust

Trust that can be terminated or revoked by the creator/s


Document that modifies the policy; can increase or reduce the benefits, waive an

Right Of Survivorship

At the demise of one of the co-owner of the property that person's interest in t

Risk Classification

Process through which company decides how the premium rates for life insurance m

Risk Control

Any conscious action that aims to lower the severity, frequency, or unpredictabi

Risk Retention Group

Alternative insurance form whereby members of similar profession or business com


Taking of property from an individual through force or threat of violence


Transfer of the IRA or any other qualified pension fund from one institution to


Amount recovered from 3rd party/parties responsible for the loss on which the cl


Reduction in the amount of the premium

Replacement Clause

Clause that limits the liability of the underwriter for damage to machinery carg

Reporting Form

Fire or direct damage cover written under policy covering fluctuating values of

Retroactive Date

Date on "claims made" liability insurance plan that triggers at the commencement


Destruction of productive capabilities in factory or plant by those opposed to m

Safely Landed

Related to marine cargo insurance; goods are safely landed when these have been

Safety Audits

System bringing together various methods to perception of risk and identificatio

Said To Contain

Finding place in receipts given by all carriers in connection to entrusted goods

Sailing Vessels

Country crafts propelled by wind power; either wooden or steel used for carrying

Sale Contract

Contract by which the seller and the buyer agree to the various terms and condit

Sale Of Vessel Clause

Provision within institute hull clause providing automatic cancellation of polic


Property partially saved from damage or loss; compensation paid for delivering s

Salvage Charges

Cost incurred by 3rd parties independent of any contractual agreement towards sa


Assuming financial risks instead of paying an insurance provider to assume these

Short Term Coverage

Available for a maximum period of 6 months, short term coverage is used for proc

Short Period Policies

Policy that is written for a period that is shorter than the average term


Legal procedure whereby insurance company after paying for the losses can seek r

Self-Insured Retention

Amount in liability insurance plan the insured needs to pay prior to the insuran

Salvage Loss

Occurs when the underwriter agrees for settling cargo claim by paying the differ


List of amounts payable for surgical procedures, dismemberment, and ancillary co

Schedule Of Loss

Notice completed by the assured documenting the damage or loss to personal prope


Cancelling insurance contract at the behest of the insured with refund of premiu


Adequate income and assets; primary responsibility of state insurance department

Subrogation Waiver

Waiver named by the insured for giving up right of recovery against another part


Describes business or bonds or surety ship; is an arrangement where one party is

Surety Bond

Bond where the surety agrees to answer to the obligee for any non-performance of


Weightage of the packing in consignments or unlade weight in containers or vehic

Tariff Rate

Rate determined by tariff committee for specific property/properties and against

Tax Token

Token issued by the RTO for having paid the required tax/es for the vehicle/s; s

Temporary Total Disablement

Injuries or illnesses that prevent an individual from doing his/her normal dutie


Any act of stealing

Third Party

Claimant under liability policy; because person making the claim is not among th


Legal term implying wrongful act due to injury or damage on which civil court ac


Agreement between reinsurance provider and ceding insurer outlining the details

Taxable Estate

Value on which estate taxes are calculated by federal government

Temporary Life Annuity

Annuity payable while the annuitant is alive but not beyond a specific period of

Tenants In Common

Kind of joint property ownership whereby the owners may have unequal shares and

Ten Day Free Look

Notice on the first page of health plans providing the insured 10 days during wh

Term Insurance

Insurance payable to beneficiary only in case of the demise of the insured durin

Third-Party Over Suit

Lawsuit where the 3rd party tries recovering damages assessed against the party

Threshold (No-Fault)

Point measured time, money, or other methods that are beyond tort liability that


Whirling wind over land mass accompanied by funnel-shaped cloud; is often violen

Total Disability

Injury or illness that prevents an insured individual from constantly performing


Arrangement whereby the accumulated benefit credits of the terminating participa


Legal instrument allowing one party the control of the property for the advantag

Turnover Rate

Rate at which the employees terminate services except due to retirement or demis


Exposure existing post expiration of the plan and coverage that is purchased for

Total Loss

Can be actual total loss or constructive total loss whereby the cost of damage r

Transit Clause

Clause in the Institute Cargo Classes that specify attachment and termination of

Unallocated Benefit

Policy provision offering reimbursement to a maximum amount for the cost of all


Inadequate insurance cover related to the insured property; results in claim adm

Underlying Limit

Used in excess of loss treaty/treaties and specifies the limit to which ceding c


An insurer or official in the insurance company with the primary responsibility


Procedure of examination of the proposal, arranging risks inspection/s, fixing r

Underwriting Loss

Shortfall resulting post the payment of claims and expenditures against the rece

Uninsuradle Risk

Risk that is not acceptable for insurance coverage due to its extensiveness

Unearned Premium

Portion of premium that an organization has collected but still needs to be earn

Unified Credit

Single time credit available to every person's estate; credit is also useable fo

Uniform Premium

Rating structure whereby single premium is applicable to all insureds irrespecti

Uniform Provisions

Statutory policy provision/s in health insurance plans that specify some rights

Universal Life Insurance

Flexible premium on life insurance plan whereby the policyholder may modify deat

Umbrella Liability Policy

Liability insurance plan providing liability protection beyond and above what is

Valued Policy

Insurance contracts whereby sum insured related to insured property is deemed to

Variable Expenses

Expenses that vary in relation to the quantum of production or turnover volume;

Variable Quota Share Treaty

In quota share treaty, there may be retention with certain maximum for example 2

Vehicles Subject To Hypothecation Agreement

It is not permissible for insurance companies to issue policies in joint names o

Vehicles Subject To Lease Agreement

Insurance cover cannot be issued in the joint names of lessor and leasee; polici

Void Contract

Agreement that is not enforceable by law

Voibadle Contract

Agreement that can be enforced by law at the option of one or more of the contra

Void Policy

One that is inadmissible as evidence in the court of law

Wagering Contracts

Marine insurance contracts whereby the insured has no insurable interest in the

Waiting Period

Time mentioned as "waiting period" in the insurance contract during when any los


Voluntary relinquishment of any known right; may arise when an individual knowin

War Risks Time Policy

Scheme by the Indian Government for insuring Indian hulls against risks due to s

Warehouse To Warehouse Cover

Voyage through which the cargo to be moved begins from seller warehouse and term


Organizations or individuals that receive goods for the purpose of storage in th

Warranted Underdeck

Incorporated in marine insurance policies giving a promise or undertaking by the


Undertaking by the assured stating that something will be done; certain state of

Waiver Of Premium

Provision within some insurance policies for relieving the insured of premium pa

Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance payable to beneficiary/beneficiaries on the demise of the assured


Legal statement of an individual's wishes concerning the disposal of her or his

Workers Compensation

System established under state laws providing payments without regarding fault t

Waterborne Agreement

Market understanding where the underwriters cover goods against risks due to war

Without Prejudice

Claim paid on the occasion; although the insurer feels it does not attach the pl


Ratio of the income earned on an investment to the face value of the investment;

Zone A

Relating to application of the premium rates prescribed within the All India Mot

Zone B

Relating to application of the premium rates prescribed within the All India Mot