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Insurance is a way to manage your risk. When you buy insurance, you purchase protection against unexpected financial losses.

There are many unique insurance policies that are available in the Indian Market that the consumers dont even know about. We at PrishaPolicy aim to ensure that all types of insurance should be accessible to everyone in India.

The Insurance listed in this page may not fall into one category alone and so are labelled as others.

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What are the principles of Insurance?

Principle of Utmost Good Faith

An insurance contract is a contract of ‘uberrimae fidei’. The Principle of Utmost Good Faith states that both the parties of an insurance contract should have good faith towards each other. Also, each party should communicate the terms and conditions in a non-ambiguous manner to the other.

Principle of Insurable Interest

Having some economic or pecuniary interest in the subject matter of the insurance policy or contract is known as Insurable Interest. The Principle of Insurable Interest states that the insured must have the insurable interest in the subject matter of the insurance.

Principle of Mitigation

According to the Principle of Mitigation, the insured is obligated to take reasonable steps to minimize the damage to the insured subject. The aim behind this principle is to ensure that the insured does not become careless towards the insured subject after taking the policy for covering the risks.

Principle of Indemnity

Indemnity means &lsapos;Security against Loss&rsapos;. The Principle of Indemnity aims at putting the insured (in the event of loss) in the exact same position the insured has immediately before the occurrence of that event.

Principle of Contribution

According to the Principle of Contribution, an insurer who has already paid the amount of claim to the insured has a complete right to recover the proportionate contribution from the other insurer. In other words, the principle states that an insured can take more than one policy for a subject or property.

Principle of Proximate Cause

Any loss can be caused because of two reasons: Insured Perils and Uninsured Perils. The Principle of Proximate Cause states that the insurer is only liable for the losses when they are proximately caused by the perils stated in the insurance policy.

Why Choose PrishaPolicy

5 Reasons why you should choose us to be your policy issuing partner of choice. Allow us to tell you why we are one of the fastest growing insurance brokers.

Customer-Centric Culture

For us, you always come first. Our products and services are designed to find the best coverage for all.

A Decade of Market Leadership

Our teams expertise and experience makes them the perfect guides in choosing a policy that fits your needs.

Reliable and Consistent

Rest assured that everything will be taken care of without a glitch. From shortlisting to claims processing & delivering promises without a hitch.

Guided Policy Assistance

Our experts are forever ready to assist you through each policy detail with a fine-tooth comb.

Claims Assistance

Our DNA prompts - Sales is incomplete without timely support. From start to end, we facilitate smooth processing from lodging to settlement.

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Questions You Might Have

What is General Insurance and what are the different kinds of General Insurance?

General Insurance is essentially Non-Life Insurance. It offers protective coverage for assets other than life. Depending on the kind of asset insured, there are different kinds of General Insurance, such as:
  • Health Insurance, which insures the health of the policyholder
  • Home Insurance, which covers residential properties
  • Vehicle Insurance, which covers automobiles, cars, and other kinds of vehicles, depending on the specific terms of the policy
  • Travel Insurance, which insures the policyholder against several mishaps/accidents that could occur during travel
  • Can I buy General Insurance online? And is it safe to do so?

    Buying General Insurance online is certainly possible. In fact, a number of insurance service providers, including ICICI Bank, offer the option to avail of General Insurance coverage online. And while we're on this subject, it's not only safe to buy General Insurance online, it's also beneficial in a number of other ways. The advantages of buying insurance online include quicker and easier application, lower premiums and the ability to read the documentation first-hand.

    What is the eligibility criteria for purchasing General Insurance?

    The exact eligibility criteria for General Insurance depends on the kind of insurance you are looking for, the terms associated with the policy and the insurance provider you choose. Different kinds of insurance pose different insurance eligibility criteria. For instance, Health Insurance policies may contain age limits and require you to undergo a medical examination. Travel Insurance may come with eligibility criteria related to the nature of travel. To truly understand the eligibility criteria, it is best to read the terms and conditions of the policy carefully.