Identify, Assess and Control all your Threats.

Understanding the risks of your business and mitigating them becomes a crucial part when you are at the helm of a business. PrishaPolicy conducts rigorous risk analysis to help you manage your business better.

Risk Inspection — what is it?

Every business can face the risk of unexpected, harmful events that can cost money and cause it to permanently close. Risk assessment can help organizations to prepare for the unexpected by minimizing risks and extra costs before they happen. Insurance Risk Assessment is the methodology used by companies for evaluating and calculating the potential risks associated with a business. A proper report can help you identify which insurance policies to buy. It is required for any organization to review its strategies and to opt for risk transfer measures like improving risk conditions, availing insurance covers. It includes a wide variety of sources that can introduce damages, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, strategic management errors, accidents, and natural disasters.

Benefits of Risk Insurance

By implementing risk management and considering the various potential risks through Prisha Policy, your organization can save money and protect its future. This is because robust risk management helps a business to establish procedures to avoid potential threats and minimize their impact should they occur. Other benefits of having a risk management service include:


A safe and secure working environment for all the staff, employees and customers


Decreases the legal liability thereby increasing the stability of operations


Protection from the event that may affect both the company and its stakeholders


Helps establish the insurance needs of the company to save from unnecessary premiums

Steps involved in Risk Inspections

Understanding the business

All businesses are different, and all businesses work under different circumstances. To manage risk properly, it is essential that we understand the company and its processes first.

Identification and Analysis

Once we understand the business well, we then start a standardised process of defining potential risks that may affect the company and its stakeholders negatively.

Assessment and Evaluation

The risk is then further evaluated by looking at different claim ratios in the same industry. Identifying which risks the company is willing to accept and what all must be included in the policy.


During this step, we help you assess the highest-ranking risk and develop a report to help alleviate the identified risks. We then look up best practices and prevention tactics for the busines.


Finally a good contingency plans is purchased for the case when a loss is inevitable. A good contingency plan helps prevent an ambush, both financially and emotionally.

Risk Monitoring

We continue to follow up with our clients to help monitor and track new and existing risks. This helps in keeping the client updated about various risks, and contribute to simpler reaudits.

Why Choose PrishaPolicy

5 Reasons why you should choose us to be your policy issuing partner of choice. Allow us to tell you why we are one of the fastest growing insurance brokers.

Customer-Centric Culture

For us, you always come first. Our products and services are designed to find the best coverage for all.

A Decade of Market Leadership

Our teams expertise and experience makes them the perfect guides in choosing a policy that fits your needs.

Reliable and Consistent

Rest assured that everything will be taken care of without a glitch. From shortlisting to claims processing & delivering promises without a hitch.

Guided Policy Assistance

Our experts are forever ready to assist you through each policy detail with a fine-tooth comb.

Claims Assistance

Our DNA prompts - Sales is incomplete without timely support. From start to end, we facilitate smooth processing from lodging to settlement.

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Questions You Might Have

What is claim settlement?

Claim settlement is the process of settling a claim made by an insured person or business against an insurance company. The claim settlement process is initiated when the insured person or business files a claim with the insurance company. The insurance company then investigates the claim and settles it by paying the insured person or business the amount of money that is due to them.

What is the claim settlement ratio?

Claim settlement ratio is the ratio of the total amount of claims paid by an insurance company to the total amount of claims received by the insurance company. The claim settlement ratio is an important indicator of the financial health of an insurance company. A high claim settlement ratio indicates that the insurance company is financially healthy and is able to pay the claims of its policyholders. A low claim settlement ratio indicates that the insurance company is not financially healthy and is not able to pay the claims of its policyholders.