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Commercial General Liability

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Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability Policy is a combination of various liability policies which covers against liability exposures of a business unless specifically excluded. Coverage includes financial liabilities of the client against the public, professional, products, completed operations, premises and operations, elevators, and independent contractor's liabilities. CGL policies operate on a claims-made basis, but it can be on a claim occurrence basis.

Key Benefits

  • Bodily injury liability: It protects your business if injuries are caused to the other person due to your business operation.
  • Property damage liability: It protects your business if damages occur to the property of others.
  • Personal injury liability: It safeguards you for an offence like wrongful entry, false arrest, and slander.
  • Advertising injury liability: It covers your legal liability for various offences which may arise if your company's marketing division violates someone's copyright rules.
  • Contractual and tenant's liability: It safeguards your rented business space against liabilities which may arise if you enter a lease contract.
  • Lawsuits, investigations, and settlements: If damages are filed against you, or you are sued, the insurance policy covers the investigation and attorney expenses, medical expenses in case of injury.
  • Financial loss coverage: A commercial liability insurance policy ensures that you can move forward without incurring unnecessary monetary losses. The policy not only protects you against unexpected losses but also provides a safe future for your business.


CGL has broad-based policy wording that provides you with comprehensive protection against:
Coverage A- Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
Coverage B- Personal and Advertising Injury Liability
Coverage C- Medical Expenses

  • Supplementary Expenses

    • All legal expenses such as defence counsel fees
    • Cost of bail bond related to bodily injury liability coverage
    • All reasonable expenses incurred by the insured at the request of the insurer for investigation or defence
    • All court expenses imposed against the insured
    • Prejudgment interest awarded against the insured relating to the judgment the insurer satisfies.
  • Add on Cover

    • Products-completed operations hazard
    • Fire Damage -- INR 10 lacs EEL
    • Travel of Executives for Non-Manual work (Worldwide) AOA: AOY -- INR 20 lacs: INR 1 Crore
    • Swimming Pool Extension subject to the presence of certified Lifeguard & Supervisor
    • Health Club, Beauty Parlor, Hotel Shops, Discotheques, Massage Parlor, Restaurants, Bars Ayurvedic Centers (subject to the presence of certified/qualified professionals)
    • Car Park & Automobile Liability AOA: AOY -- INR 25 lacs: INR 2.50 Crore
    • Pollution, AOG Perils & Lift Extension including Escalators
    • F&B Extension
    • Cross Liability
    • Valuables under Care, Custody and Control AOA: AOY -- INR 50 lacs: INR 1 Crore
    • Terrorism Extension -- INR 10 Crores or LOI, whichever is lower
    • Liquor Liability AOA: AOY - INR 20 lacs: INR 1 Crore
    • Incidental Medical Malpractice coverage AOA: AOY - INR 20 lacs: INR 1 Crore
    • Additional Insured Extension
    • Non-owned/Hired Automobile Liability in excess of Mandatory Motor TP/USD 1 Million whichever is higher


  • Product Recall
  • Professional Liability /Errors & Omissions
  • Employer's Liability
  • War and Allied Perils
  • Liability arising out of Aircraft/Hovercrafts/Watercraft or Automobiles
  • Contractual liability
  • Liability under Workmen's Compensation Act or similar other law
  • Expected or intended injury
  • Damage to Alienated Premises
  • Damage to Owned Property
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Directors & Officers Exclusion
  • Internet Liability
  • Auto cover for Events / Promotions
  • Tenants Legal Liability
  • Aqua Sports, Hazardous Sports
  • Godowns, Vendors, Technical Collaborators exclusion

Claim Process

In the event of loss, the following are immediate actions to be taken Intimate the insurer the occurrence of loss, submit a full statement in writing of the claim, provide the nature and extent of loss and also the estimate of loss. Any delay in intimation might jeopardize the claim as the insurer may express an inability in accepting liability of the loss/damage.

  • To take all steps to reduce and minimize the extent of loss/damage and liability
  • Proximate cause of the loss and assess the type/extent and whether it is within the scope of the policy
  • To extend full co-operation to the insurer and the surveyor appointed for completion of the survey work and for proper assessment of the loss
  • Produce all such records and proof as may be required by the surveyor or the insurer for arriving at the extent of loss and the liability under the policy
  • Provide documents such as claim form, copy of the policy, demand letter, Incident note, etc.
  • Identification of the subject-matter insured

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Questions You Might Have

General liability vs. workers' compensation insurance

Both general liability insurance and workers' compensation are distinct but related. Both programmes serve various functions but are intended for business owners and contractors. Because they are interconnected, it is recommended that contractors implement both policies in order to run a successful business.

What is not covered in a liability insurance policy?

  • Any deliberate attempt to violate legal or legitimate provisions.
  • Property damage sustained by the insured. Also, if the property is leased or financed in the insured's name.
  • Loss or destruction caused by a conflict, raid, civil war, rebellion, insurgency, or military strike.
  • Any loss or damage caused by radioactivity, ionising radiation, nuclear waste, or hazardous explosions, whether direct or indirect.
  • Do I need Public Liability insurance?

    This is up to you to decide, as it is not a legal requirement. If you regularly interact with the public, clients and contractors, however, it is highly recommended. Even if you're taking all measures possible to avoid them, accidents do happen, and a legal battle ensuing one could be highly damaging to your business if you don't have the means to face it.

    Does Public Liability insurance cover my employees as well?

    No, public liability is not designed to cover your employees - it is only intended to protect you from third party claims made by members of the public. Your employees will be covered by the mandatory employers' liability insurance policy you need to have in place to protect them from workplace accidents or illnesses.