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Students Travel Insurance Policy

Studying abroad in a foreign land entails a lot of risk. Medical expenses in foreign currency and hospitalization can be prohibitively expensive. Student Travel Insurance is comprehensive travel insurance specially designed for students to ensure their financial security in case of any emergency. This insurance policy will help students to study abroad worry-free, whether they lose their passport/baggage or face any medical costs /emergency.

Key Benefits

A student travel plan offers great benefits and security for a student. When studying abroad, there are a number of risks that a student is prone to. This policy offers coverage for medical treatments, accidental injuries, theft, passport and baggage loss, including legal prosecution amongst many. Such benefits ensure that a student secures total peace of mind in a foreign country


  • Accidental Death/ Personal Accident
  • Permanent Disablement
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Dental Treatment
  • Loss of Passport
  • Loss of Checked Baggage
  • Delay of Checked Baggage
  • Personal Liability.
  • Bail Bond and tuition fee
  • Study Interruption
  • Sponsor Protection
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Psychological Coverage (Mental & Nervous Disorders)
  • Screening and Examinations
  • Childcare Benefit
  • Maternity Benefits for Termination of Pregnancy
  • Red 24 Service: Red 24 is a unique global security service providing advice to help individuals avoid and manage personal risks for themselves and their families. They are more of an advanced information bureau, who proactively advice customers about potential risks in and around the country.


  • Where the Insured Person is travelling against the advice of a Physician; or receiving or on a waiting list for receiving specified medical treatment; or is travelling for the purpose of obtaining treatment; or has received a terminal prognosis for a medical condition
  • Any Pre-existing Condition or any complication arising there from it
  • Suicide, attempted suicide (whether sane or insane) or intentionally self inflicted Injury or Illness, or sexually transmitted conditions, mental or nervous disorder, anxiety, stress or depression, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Human Immune deficiency Virus (HIV) infection
  • Serving in any branch of the Military or Armed Forces of any country, whether in peace or War, and in such an event We, upon written notification by You, the Insurers shall return the pro rata premium for any such period of service under the circumstances described in a Hazard
  • Being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants or hallucinogens unless properly prescribed by a Physician and taken as prescribed
  • Participation in an actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, misdemeanor, or civil commotion
  • Operating or learning to operate any aircraft, or performing duties as a member of the crew on any aircraft
  • Any loss arising out of War, civil war, invasion, insurrection, revolution, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether War be declared or not), rebellion, mutiny, use of military power or usurpation of government or military power
  • Ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from burning nuclear fuel
  • The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other dangerous properties of any explosive nuclear equipment or any part of that equipment
  • Self exposure to needless peril (except in an attempt to save human life)
  • Congenital anomalies or any complications or conditions arising there from
  • Participation in winter sports, skydiving/parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, scuba diving, mountain climbing (where ropes or guides are customarily used), riding or driving in races or rallies using a motorized vehicle or bicycle, caving or pot-holing, hunting or equestrian activities, skin diving or other underwater activity, rafting or canoeing involving white water rapids, yachting or boating outside coastal waters (2 miles), participation in any Professional Sports, any bodily contact sport or any other hazardous or potentially dangerous sport for which You are untrained. This exclusion does not apply to injuries resulting from inter collegiate sports.
  • The Insured Person riding on a motorcycle or any other motorized two wheeled mode of conveyance as driver or as passenger.
  • Any loss resulting directly or indirectly, contributed or aggravated or prolonged by childbirth or from pregnancy
  • Any loss of which a contributing cause was Your actual or attempted commission of, or willful participation in, an illegal act or any violation or attempted violation of the law or Your resistance to arrest
  • Any loss, injury, damage or legal liability arising directly or indirectly from: Travel in, to, or through Afghanistan, Cuba or Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Any loss, injury, damage or legal sustained directly or indirectly by: Any terrorist or member of a terrorist organization, narcotics trafficker, or purveyor of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
  • Any non-medical expenses

Claim Process

In the event of loss, following are immediate actions to be taken.
To intimate to the insurer the occurrence of loss, submit full statement in writing of the claim, provide the nature and extent of loss and also the estimate of loss. Any delay in intimation might jeopardize the claim as the insurer may express inability in accepting liability of the loss / damage.

  • To take all steps to reduce and minimize the extent of loss / damage and liability.
  • Proximate cause of the loss and assess the type/extent and whether it is within the scope of the policy.
  • To extend full co-operation to the insurer and the surveyor appointed for completion of the survey work and for proper assessment of the loss.
  • Produce all such records and proof as may be required by the surveyor or the insurer for arriving at the extent of loss and the liability under policy.
  • Provide documents such as, claim form, claim bill, copy of Policy etc.
  • Identification of the subject matter insured.

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Questions You Might Have

Why should I buy travel insurance?

A travel insurance coverage covers medical and non-medical travel-related contingencies such as medical care, baggage loss, trip delay or cancellation, and so on. It provides financial protection against all types of travel-related problems. It assures that you are not stuck in the event of an emergency while travelling.
Travel insurance is also required in numerous nations when travelling, including the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, France, Germany, and Belgium. However, whether travelling domestically or internationally, it is suggested that you obtain a travel insurance policy.

Can the period of travel insurance can be extended?

Most travel insurance programmes allow for policy extensions. It is dependent on the insurance that you have chosen, therefore it is best to check with your insurer about the extensions that are available.

Is there any medical check-up required to buy a travel insurance policy?

A medical test or checkup is usually not necessary to acquire a travel insurance coverage. However, most insurance companies may require a medical exam before covering senior folks. The insurer may also request medical reports from the insured with a negative medical history. It is also advisable to review particular policy conditions about the requirement of a medical check-up.

Can I get a refund, if I cut short my travel?

In case you did not go for travel and you show proof of the same, travel policies usual refund your premium, subject to deductions as applicable. If you cut short your travel, policies may or may not allow premium refund, depending on the conditions specified under the policy terms. It is advisable to read the policy document regarding the refund policy, in case of trip cancellation or curtailment.

What is Loss of Baggage cover?

A policy compensates you for the loss of important travel documents, travel funds and personal possessions. The cover may differ from one plan to another.