Commercial Cyber
Risk Insurance

Because safeguarding your digital assets in todays technology-driven world is crucial.

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What are Cyber Risks?

Cyber risk refers to the potential for harm or damage to an individual, organization, or society as a whole resulting from a breach of computer security or other forms of cyber threats. Cyber risks include threats to computer systems, networks, and electronic devices, as well as the data and information that is stored, processed, or transmitted through these systems.

cyber insurance
cyber insurance

Why Cyber Risk Insurance becomes important?

Cyber insurance has become increasingly important in todays digital age as more and more businesses and individuals rely on technology to store, process, and transmit sensitive information. Cyber insurance provides protection against losses that may arise from a cyber attack or data breach

Coverages and Exclusions

Check out what’s covered and what’s not. It’s like your guidelines before buying

Credit Monitoring

Cyber insurance has become increasingly important in todays digital age

Data Restoration

Recreate or recollect Data held by the Company on behalf of a Third Party


Expenses to hire a forensics to determine the existence and cause of the Breach

Legal Costs

Cyber insurance has become increasingly important in todays digital age

Privacy Notification

Expenses incurred to provide notification to individuals who are required to be notified

Business Interruption

The Insurer will pay any Interruption Loss, incurred till the specified limit

Crisis Management

PR consultant helps to avert/mitigate damage to the Company’s reputation

Cyber Extortion

Security Consultants help to minimize extortion cost or avert it altogether

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Questions You Might Have

Is cyber insurance effective?

Yes, cyber insurance is effective in providing financial protection and assistance in the face of cyber-related incidents. It helps reduce the financial losses linked with data breaches, cyber attacks, and other cyber threats, facilitating quick and efficient recovery.

Is it necessary that the computer system used by me be in my own name?

Computer system need not be your personal name. You can use any device which has been securely made available to you. This policy will offer cover for any losses arising out of cyber-attack to that computer system.

Can Financial Loss from the use of my Credit card be covered under any of the Insuring Clauses?

If the credit card information has been lost due to cyber intrusion into your computer system and you have suffered from a financial loss as a result of this, it can be covered under IT Theft Loss cover.

Will any insuring clause cover loss of reputation in this policy?

No. However, the legal cost (defense cost if a third party files a case against you or Prosecution costs if you decide to file a criminal case against a third party for reputational damages), will be payable. Whereas, no compensation awarded by the court will be payable under this policy.

Is there any sub-limit, deductible or waiting period under the cyber insurance policy?

No, there is no sub-limit, deductible or waiting period under the cyber insurance online policy.