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Liability InsuranceProfessional Indemnity for Doctors

What is Professional Indemnity?

Imagine a safety net that catches doctors if they ever stumble. That’s what professional indemnity insurance is—a special kind of protection that helps doctors if someone says they made a mistake. Covering any money needed for legal and reputational losses to make sure doctors can keep doing their amazing work without worry.

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Why Professional Indemnity is so important for doctors nowadays?

Professional indemnity insurance is crucial for doctors to shield against malpractice claims. It ensures that the complexities of healthcare and legal changes don’t jeopardize their career or finances. This insurance is key to managing risks, offering peace of mind to focus on patient care. It not only defends against financial liabilities but also protects doctors’ reputations, allowing them to practice confidently and securely.

Coverages and Exclusions

Check out what’s covered and what’s not. It’s like your guidelines before buying

Run Off Cover

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Breach of Confidentiality

Recreate or recollect Data held by the Company on behalf of a Third Party

Loss of Documents

Expenses to hire a forensics to determine the existence and cause of the Breach

Dishonesty & Criminal

Cyber insurance has become increasingly important in todays digital age

Out of Court Settlement

Expenses incurred to provide notification to individuals who are required to be notified

Continuity Benefit

The Insurer will pay any Interruption Loss, incurred till the specified limit

Reappeal Cost

PR consultant helps to avert/mitigate damage to the Company’s reputation

Legal Liabilities

Security Consultants help to minimize extortion cost or avert it altogether

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Questions You Might Have

Is professional indemnity insurance mandatory for doctors in India?

No, professional indemnity insurance is not mandatory for doctors in India. However, it is recommended that doctors obtain this insurance to protect themselves against any legal liabilities that may arise from their practice.

What are the benefits of having professional indemnity insurance for doctors?

Professional indemnity insurance offers several benefits to doctors, including financial protection against legal claims, peace of mind, and reputation protection.

How is the premium for professional indemnity insurance for doctors calculated?

The premium for professional indemnity insurance for doctors is calculated based on various factors such as the doctor's specialty, experience, and the level of risk involved in their practice.

What should doctors look for when selecting a professional indemnity insurance policy?

When selecting a professional indemnity insurance policy, doctors should consider factors such as coverage limits, the reputation of the insurance provider, the claims settlement process, and the cost of the premium.

How is Doctors Professional Indemnity (Doctors PI) premium calculated?

The premium will be calculated based on the below factors:
  • Risk group of doctors
  • Limit of indemnity selected
  • Ratio of indemnity limit
  • Medical qualification/specialization
  • What is the difference between public liability and professional indemnity insurance?

    Public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover different kinds of risks. Public liability provides coverage if your business has caused damage to property or injury to third parties. In contrast, professional indemnity provides you with coverage when an incident happens with an individual due to your professional advice.