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We understand that insurance is bought for the coverage of any losses in the event of an unforeseen event, but sometimes getting the claim for your insurance can be a tedious task.

What is Claim Settlement?

An insurance claim is a formal request by an insurance policyholder to an insurance company for indemnifying a loss or compensation for an insured loss or policy event. The insurance company validates the claim amount after scrutiny of relevant documents and, once approved, makes payment to the insured or an approved, interested party on behalf of the insured. The easy and timely settlement of a valid claim is the essence of the contract for the client and an essential function of an insurance company.

Why do claims get rejected?

An insurer settles a claim it pays money to a policyholder for the occurrence of a loss or risk against which they were insured. An effective claim settlement process should be designed to control costs and assure that covered losses are fairly reimbursed to the policyholder. Still, sometimes the claim gets rejected due to false representation or technical Jargons. We can understand your claim representative to the insurance company and also help you to file your case again with Insurance Company.

Benefits of our Services

Our team will keep accurate records about the accident, such as photographs, site evidence, written proof of quantification of loss.

Our team will evaluate every statement or documents before submiting to surveyor or insurance company to ensure smooth and adequate settlement.

Our team will also assist you and your team in the preparation of documents required for your claim.

Our team focuses on ensuring a timely settlement of your claim, but we also aim to make it hassle free and are available 24x7.

5 Stages of Claim settlement

Intimation of Claim

The claimant must submit the written intimation as soon as possible to enable the insurance company to depute the surveyor for a fair assessment of loss suffered by the client.

List of Required Documents

Once the surveyor issues list of documents required for processing of the claim.

Submission of Documents

Our team scrutinizes to be submitted documents thoroughly as per the requirement of the policy, prepare claim bills, fill up claim forms and then submit to the surveyor for further processing of the claim.

Submission, explanation, negotiations

We deal with surveyors, explain and represent the case before them to emphasis points of our client's interest and negotiate the claim amount to the best possible extent in the interest of our client.

Follow up with insurance company

Once the surveyor finalizes his report and submits to the insurance company, our team follows with the insurance company and get the claim settled and paid in the fastest time possible.

Why Choose PrishaPolicy

5 Reasons why you should choose us to be your policy issuing partner of choice. Allow us to tell you why we are one of the fastest growing insurance brokers.

Customer-Centric Culture

For us, you always come first. Our products and services are designed to find the best coverage for all.

A Decade of Market Leadership

Our teams expertise and experience makes them the perfect guides in choosing a policy that fits your needs.

Reliable and Consistent

Rest assured that everything will be taken care of without a glitch. From shortlisting to claims processing & delivering promises without a hitch.

Guided Policy Assistance

Our experts are forever ready to assist you through each policy detail with a fine-tooth comb.

Claims Assistance

Our DNA prompts - Sales is incomplete without timely support. From start to end, we facilitate smooth processing from lodging to settlement.

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Questions You Might Have

What is claim settlement?

Claim settlement is the process of settling a claim made by an insured person or business against an insurance company. The claim settlement process is initiated when the insured person or business files a claim with the insurance company. The insurance company then investigates the claim and settles it by paying the insured person or business the amount of money that is due to them.

What is the claim settlement ratio?

Claim settlement ratio is the ratio of the total amount of claims paid by an insurance company to the total amount of claims received by the insurance company. The claim settlement ratio is an important indicator of the financial health of an insurance company. A high claim settlement ratio indicates that the insurance company is financially healthy and is able to pay the claims of its policyholders. A low claim settlement ratio indicates that the insurance company is not financially healthy and is not able to pay the claims of its policyholders.